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Ontia focuses on a cultural institutions market providing innovative software, allowing to fulfil institutional duties such as artefact cataloguing and collection management, scientific description and research, legal compliance of reporting on collections, statistical information, exhibition management, movement of artefacts and conservation. One of the main fields of the company’s activity is supporting collection digitalisation and publishing the collection on the Internet. Ontia cooperates in the standardisation of metadata description, using semantic search and tagging tools in developing indexes and thesauri. The company products are compliant with international standards. Ontia’s products support primarily large cultural institutions (museums, research and scientific institutes), groups of institutions (e.g. managed by a local government), as well as smaller ones (private collectors, art galleries, antique dealers).

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Our products are the effect of the experience gained during long years of hard work and close cooperation with our clients.


We treat our work as a mission with allows to promote higher culture, to bring order and to manage more easily very hard tasks which we face together with our customers.


Our products are fresh and innovative, bringing new quality to the classical approach to the collections management in culture institutions


Musnet is a collection management software with rich history, based on great international experience of the cultural institutions showing great possibilities of the classical approach to the cultural artefacts assemblage. Depending on the version addresses needs of different institutions depending on the size of data set. The interface as well as the object description fields are easily adjustable to match different requirements. Musnet is well tested and proven by long experience of couple hundreds of cultural institutions all over the Europe making it the most popular and the most stable platform and becoming a recognizable and trustworthy brand.


Navigart is a web presentation application allowing to share the collections in the world wide web, with modern interface, great capabilities, which can show chosen objects in form of virtual exposition for internet visitors. This allows to share the knowledge and cultural artefacts with yet unreachable communities, promoting the art, institutions and country, crossing borders and boundaries. Navigart uses the same database which is stored in Collectio or Musnet, cooperates with Mediastore using its medias, therefore does not multiply data unnecessarily making it the “face” of the institution.


Collectio is a cutting edge, modern web collection management software, bringing order to every artefacts gathering possible, allowing to describe, count and handle art. Its quick and advanced search show precise results in seconds no matter the database size. Unseen ultra-modern design brings new quality to the environment making the job quick, efficient and intuitive. Collectio huge advantage is its innovative, fresh approach to the classical collection management problems, handling them as no other, being accessible from every place on earth like the common website.


Mediastore is a digital asset management software allowing to handle large amount of medias, quick and advanced searching tool and versioning. It allows to create central media repository supporting wide scope of popular media formats: photo, video, audio, pdf. Its key advantage is modern and well thought-out user interface, technical architecture which allows to handle large amount of assets with no lags, quickly and efficiently. Mediastore saves time and brings order to medias.


Expono is an expositions management application absolutely unique in the cultural market scale in Europe. Allows quick and efficient management of the objects being part of the expositions, making order, registering every action related to the object, showing every required document related to the object including insurance papers.


Integra is a universal framework for cataloguing, documenting and management of cultural assets. It was developed as a common project with Videomuseum, a French association of institutions dealing with modern and contemporary art. It provides a unique meta-application approach to system modeling, where XML is used as vehicle for expressing both user interface and information content. It is an advanced, integrated system, providing mechanisms for cataloguing, documenting and management tasks, which is designed for institutions with medium and big collections or groups of cooperating museums. It delivers exceptional flexibility in modelling information and simplicity of visualization of complex artefact data and covers all aspects of collection management (including loans, deposits, expositions, conservation, venues, bibliography, education, reporting etc.). It integrates easily with digital asset management systems (e.g. Mediastore), web publishing systems (e.g. Navigart) and exhibition management system (Expono).


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